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TIG Nickel alloys

Below are the most common nickel alloys. We can supply more unusual on request. Ask us for more information.

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monel svetstråd

Meltolit 60 XT (NiCu7)

Nickel and copper alloyed wire for welding and hardfacing copper-nickel alloys and copper-nickel plated steels such as Monel 400, CuNi 90/10, CuNi 70/30 and CuNi30. Also for above grades against carbon steels.

inconel 82

Meltolit 82 XT (NiCr3)

NiCr-alloyed wire for welding of high nickel content alloys such as inconel 600 and incoloy 800. Used for dissimilar joining of low alloyed steel, stainless steel, nickel steel and cast iron. Used in cryogenics, repair of difficult to weld steels and petro chemical applications.

inconel 625

Meltolit 625 XT (NiCrMo3)

Nickel alloyed wire for welding high nickel alloyed steel such as inconel 625. Good resistance to various types of corrosion. Aerospace, chemical industry, petro chemical industry.

hastelloy svetstråd

Meltolit C276 (NiCrMo4)

Nickel alloyed wire for welding of high nickel content alloys such as Hastelloy C-276, NiMo16Cr15W. Excellent resistance to chlorides, acids and corrosion. Equipment for chemical industry and piping.

Meltolit Alloy 59 (NiCrMo13)

Nickel alloyed welding wire for welding of Alloy 59, C-276, 625, Incoloy 800 and 825 or other nickel alloyed steels at lower temperature. Also used for joining of austenitic duplex and super-duplex steels. Often used in offshore industry, boilers, containers and pipe systems in chemical and petro chemical industtry

Meltolit 617 (NiCrCoMo1)

Nickel alloyed welding wire with very high oxidation resistance up to 1100°C. Also used for joining dissimilar heat resistant steels such as Incoloy 800H and 800HT, 600 and 601 as well as cast steels HK40, HP, HP45 for ex.Typical applications: Ovens, combustion chambers, pyrolys and heat treated components, flares and gas turbine parts.

Meltolit 622 (NiCrMo10)

Nickel alloyed welding wire for welding steels such as C-22, 625, Incoloy 25-6 and Incoloy 825. Similar to C4 and C-276 alloys but with higher Cr that makes it useful in a broader spectra. Its very much suited for dissimilar welds of stainless, nickel, carbon steel and other low alloyed steels. The high Cr-halt combined with tungsten and Mo gives a very good resistance to corrosion and rust.