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Meltolit 56Sn

Cd-free silver brazing alloy with 56% Ag used for all alloys except aluminium. Meltolit 56Sn has excellent capillarity and offers the best performance of brazeability. High fluidity, low working t...

Meltolit 5P

Copper alloy with 5% silver and 6% phosphor primarily used for brazing of copper pipes and HVAC connections. Meltolit 5P can be used for brazing in copper, brass and in some extent steel. I...

Meltolit SG3

Copper coated solid wire suitable for single pass or multipass welding od non alloy steels, for C-Mn steels and for fine grain steels. The higher Si-Mn content gives a good bead appearance. It can ...

Meltolit AlMg5 (5356)

For welding aluminium base alloys with max 5% magnesium. Construction, ships, tanks and automotive industry. High corrosion resistance.

Meltolit 48 E

Basic coated electrode for low- and unalloyed steel. Low hydrogen content with high mechanical properties. Root passes can be welded with DC-. Suitable for welding steel constructions, machine cons...

Meltolit 312 E

Rutile basic electrode with high alloy content and high ferrite ratio which allow it to benefit from extreme tolerance to hot cracking and to dilution with a wide range of base materials. Preheat c...

Meltolit CuSi3

Welding wire for galvanized sheet-metal for car bodies in the automotive industry, for building up low-alloy steels, solenoid valves, switch cabinets.

Meltolit 625-PW (NiCrMo3)

Nickel alloyed flux cored wire for welding high nickel alloyed steel such as inconel 625. Good resistance to various types of corrosion. Aerospace, chemical industry, petro chemical industry. For w...

Meltolit AlMg4,5Mn (5183)

For welding aluminium base alloys that require high mechanical properties. Construction, offshore and automotive industry. Very good saltwater resistance.

Meltolit Titanium grade 1

Grade 1 is the softest titanium and has the highest ductility. It has excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance. It also has excellent welding properties and high impact toughness. Used ...

Meltolit 316LSi

Tig wire suitable for welding stainless steels with an alloy content between 16 to 21% Cr, 6 to 13% Ni and up to 3% Mo, stabilised and unstabilised types. Service temperatures are typically -110°C ...


Meltolit since 1963

Meltolit was founded in 1963. From the beginning there were only precious metals in the product range but this gradually included silver brazing alloys and copper brass.

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