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MMA-Electrodes copper alloys

Below are our copper alloyed electrodes.

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Meltolit CuSn7 E

Tin bronze electrode for welding copper and bronze. Also used for furnace brazing, heat exchangers, slide rails and bearings.

Meltolit CuAl8 E

Aluminium bronze electrode for joining, repairing and coating of brass, aluminium bronzes, copper, ferritic steels and zink-coated sheets.

Meltolit MX 300 E

High strenght alloy, also safe in regard to sparking. Resistant to sea water, wear and abrasion. Resistant to cavitation and erosion. Build-up and join welding on aluminium bronzes. Specially for ships
propellers, slide rails, raceways and valve control housings.

Meltolit CuNi30 E

Suitable for high stressed corrosion resistant weld surfacing on cast iron and on unalloyed and low alloyed steel as well as seawater resistant CuZn alloys. Suitable for welding on CuNi materials. Particularly
recommended for the plant engineering.