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Silver alloys - Special

We have a big range of filler metals for heat resisting applications, oven brazing and many other applications. Some of those you can see below.

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Meltolit 56In

Cd and Zn free In-alloyed silver brazing alloy with 56% silver. Meltolit 56In is for brazing of steel and stainless steel in both oven brazing as well as standard applications. Used when there are very high demands for korrosion free joint, ex shopping Industry and some heat exchangers. Used in kombination with Meltolit 770 flux or Meltolit 770 E Special flux. 

Meltolit 85Mn

Copper free special alloyed silver brazing allor with high silver content(85%). Used for steel and stainless steel in touch environment such as ammonium and other extreme chemicals. Used in kombination with Meltolit 770 E Special flux.

Meltolit 60Sn

Special alloyed silver brazing alloy with high silver content(60%). Used for nickel and nickel alloys, tungsten alloys and high alloyed steel. The filler metal is Zn-free and for brazing in vakuum or protective gas ovens.

Meltolit VTG 716

Special alloyed silver brazing alloy with high silver content(72%). Used for brazing copper alloys, steel and stainless steel in vakuum or protective gas ovens.

Meltolit 70Ti

Active brazing alloy used for brazing metallic and non metallic objects like ceramics, titanium, super alloys, PCD, CBN etc. Typical applications include vacuum tubes,
wave guides in electrical industry and tooling applications involving tungsten. Used in high vacuum furnace or Argon athmosphere with low dew point.

Meltolit 131

Gold alloy that can be used for any nickel or iron based heat resisting alloy. Typically used in jet engines. Because of low penetration in the base metal it is well suited to braze thin
setions. Also used for nuclear applications.

Meltolit 7228

A copper free silver brazing alloy. Used for copper, brass and steel. Because of the lack of copper it is well suited for ammonia bearing environments. It can be brazed
both with flame, induction or protective gas furnace.