Product information

EDO400 (medium) is a larger cabinet than SDO400 with the same functions but twice the capacity (up to 300kg electrodes). EDO400 is designed for re-drying and storage of welding electrodes. The temperature can be set between 0°-400°C. The temperature is controlled with a digital regulator with a built-in timer for drying. There are two different positions on the power switch, HAND and AUTO. In HAND mode, the temperature can be set between 0-400°C without a timer function. In the AUTO mode, the temperature can be set to a maximum of 400°C (the drying temperature) and the drying time (TIME) to 0.1–6553.5 minutes. When the drying time ends, the temperature drops back to 100°C automatically. The drying time starts when the temperature has reached the set re-drying temperature.

Technical specification

Supply voltage: 3N~400V/50Hz

Power: 4200W/6A Max. Temperature: 400°C

Inv. Dimensions (WxHxD)mm: 700x700x500

Ext. Dimensions (WxHxD)mm: 800x1210x650

Capacity: 300kg Weight: 160kg

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