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MIG Copper alloys

Below are the most common copper alloys. We can supply more unusual on request. Ask us for more information.

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Meltolit CuSn / Bedra K5

Copper based wire for welding of copper and copper alloys like SS5010,5011,5013 and5015.

Meltolit CuSn6 / Bedra B6

Tin bronze wire for welding brass, pipings and joining copper, brass and bronze.

Meltolit CuSn12 / Bedra B12

Tin bronze wire for welding brass, pipings and joining copper, brass and bronze. With higher fluidity than the CuSn6-alloy.

Meltolit CuAg / Bedra K8

Silver alloyed copper wire for welding and joining copper.(deoxidized copper, OF-copper). High fluidity, no pores and high electrical conduction.

Bedra CuSi3 / Bedra S3

Welding wire for galvanized sheet-metal for car bodies in the automotive industry, for building up low-alloy steels, solenoid valves, switch cabinets. 

Meltolit CuAl8 / Bedra A8

Aluminium bronze wire for joining, repairing and coating of brass, aluminium bronzes, copper and steel.

Meltolit CuAl8Ni2 (CuAl8Mn) / Bedra A822

For joining of steel and CuAl alloys. High resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Very good resistance to corrosion caused by sea water. High pressure resistance, particularly on solenoid valves. Often used for salt water propellers.

Bedra CuAl8Ni6 / Bedra A35

For the welding of nickel- aluminum- bronze cast and forge parts in shipbuilding (e.g. ship propeller), for powerplants including valves, sifter, pumps, tube systems as well as for the apparatus engineering and food receptacle. Weld surfacing on steel and AlBz including multi alloys. The welding material is seawater-, corrosion- and wear- resistant (e.g. when seawater, cavitation and erosion are simultaneously affecting the welding material).

Meltolit MX 300 (CuMn13Al) / Bedra A300

High strenght alloy, also safe in regard to sparking. Resistant to sea water, wear and abrasion. Resistant to cavitation and erosion. Build-up and join welding on aluminium bronzes. Specially for ships propellers, slide rails, raceways and valve control housings.