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MIG Aluminium alloys


Below are the most common aluminium alloys. We also have more unusual alloys like ex. AlMg3Mn(5554), AlMg4,5MnZr(5087), Al99,5Ti(1450), Al99,7(1070). Ask us for more information.

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aluminium mig

Meltolit AlSi5 (4043)

Aluminium wire for welding aluminium alloys containing up to 7% Si. Excellent flowability and penetration characteristics. Applications in construction sector and automotive industry.

aluminium mig

Meltolit AlSi12 (4047)

Aluminium wire for welding and brazing. Good mechanical characteristics and its generally used for brazing aluminium sheets, for extrusions and castings.

aluminium mig

Meltolit AlMg3 (5754)

For welding aluminium base alloys with maximum 3% Mg. For construction and general industry. Corrosion resistant.

aluminium mig

Meltolit AlMg4,5Mn (5183)

For welding aluminium base alloys that require high mechanical properties. Construction, offshore and automotive industry. Very good saltwater resistance.

Aluminium mig

Meltolit AlMg5 (5356)

For welding aluminium base alloys with max 5% magnesium. Construction, ships, tanks and automotive industry. High corrosion resistance. 

aluminium mig

Meltolit Al99,5 (1050)

For welding of unalloyed aluminium in chemistry, electronics, construction and food industries.