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FCW Nickel alloys

inconel 625

Meltolit 625 (NiCrMo3)

Nickel alloyed flux cored wire for welding high nickel alloyed steel such as inconel 625. Good resistance to various types of corrosion. Aerospace, chemical industry, petro chemical industry.

inconel 82

Meltolit 82 (NiCr3)

NiCr-alloyed flux cored wire for welding of high nickel content alloys such as inconel 600 and incoloy 800. Used for dissimilar joining of low alloyed steel, stainless steel, nickel steel and cast iron. Used in cryogenics, repair of difficult to weld steels and petro chemical applications.

Meltolit C276 (NiCrMo4)

This alloy is suitable for welding and cladding nickel-based alloys such as alloy 276 or similar materials. It is also used for dissimilar welding of nickel based alloys to each other, to alloyed steels or to stainless steels and for joining 5 % or 9 % nickel steel.