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MIG/MAG Hardfacing

See below our range of hardfacing alloys. Ask us for more information.

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Meltolit 307Si

Mig wire for difficult welded steels and stainless steels against regular steels. Joining and hardsurfacing parts, buffer layers before hardfacing to avoid cracks and welding tool steels, manganese steels etc.

Meltolit 250 XM

Cr-Mo alloyed steels (1,5% - 0,5%) resistant to high temperature, wear, pressure and shocks. Good resistance to cracking and to the attack of sulphured agents. Guide roller, excavators, screw conveyers, gears, moulds, rolling surfaces, etc.

Meltolit 600 XM

For surfaces where it is required a fairly good impact strength and a good resistance to shocks; martensitic steel. Excavators, mining industry, cylinder crushers hammers, pneumatic hammers, knives, cutting and cold working tools, crumbling jaws, anvils, catepillars, screws, guide rollers, etc.

Meltolit RC1 XM

Suitable for Cr-Mo and/or Ni-Cr-Mo alloyed steels for hot working parts, subjected to abrasion, compression and hot strokes. Hot shear blades, moulds, forging, guide rollers, switches, corners, etc.