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Aluminium alloys

 Aluminium brazing alloys for brazing of aluminium where the working temperature and/or deformation risk with welding is to high. These alloys exists as solid rods and wire, flux cored rods and wire, solid rings and wire, foil or metal paste.

Meltolit 580

Most common aluminium brazing alloy with high fluidity due to its high Si-halt of 12%. Meltolit 580 has excellent properties when brazing capillary parts of aluminium. Used with Meltolit 580 flux or as flux cores rods/wire or paste. Wokking temperature 580°C.

Meltolit Al-2

Zn-Al alloy for brazing of aluminium alloys. Low working temperature due to its special alloy with excellent properties for brazing capillary parts. Solid wire is used together with Al-2 paste flux. Mostly sold as flux cored wire/rods and we also have this in a reseller pack for smaller jobs. Good for temperature sensitive parts with working temperature 400-440°C. Used a lot in automotive industry, HVAC and for closed AC-systems.

Meltolit 7822

For brazing/soldering of aluminium alloys with a low working temperature but with longer temperature intervall than AL-2. This makes it perfectly suited for repair and maintenance. Working temperature 415-475°C.

Meltolit MgAl (AZ61A)

Aluyminium/Magnesium brazing and tig-welding alloy for joining and repairing of light metal and magnesium alloys. Especially for car engines, rims and other compnents in light metal. Used with Meltolit MgAl flux when brazing.