Product information

DURMAT® FD 75 is a flux core wire for hardfacing application especially with extreme abrasive wear even at elevated temperatures. The deposit has a ledeburitic structure with
many different very hard types of carbides. DURMAT® FD 75 is used where extreme abrasive wear is expected even at elevated temperatures up to 600°C. The deposit is free
of slag, weldability is excellent. Best results are achieved by welding in two layers. A maximum deposit thickness of 8 mm is recommended. The resulting deposits cannot be
heat treated, machined or forged. Before overlaying previously hardfaced surfaces a buffer layer of Meltolit 707,  DURMAT® FD 200 K or DURMAT® FD 250 K is recommended.
Blast furnace bells, coke oven screens and doors, sinter wheel breakers, smelter loading
chutes, etc.

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